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M.U.N.D.T – an efficient treatment of orofacial disorders

You are a trained therapist and
– tired of all those oralmotor exercises?
– fed up with long term treatments?
– insecure whether your results are sustainable?

Are you interested in learning a really efficient and long lasting treatment to properly cure a tongue thrust, a pathological swallowing pattern and other orofunctional disorders like CMD?

Then try something different: M.U.N.D.T

M.U.N.D.T. is the easy, fast and reliable way of treating orofacial disorders.
It is the new solution to cure a reverse swallowing and a wrong resting posture of the tongue.

Since 2013 already about 2.000 therapists in Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland and South Africa have learned my method.

My name is Petra Krätsch-Sievert and  I am  an examined speechpathologist from Germany with more than 20 years of experience in the field and the founder of M.U.N.D.T.  

What is the difference of my method?
M.U.N.D.T ist about changing patterns; it is about learning not about exercising.
It is not about muscles and their strength.
It is how to teach your patients to perform new patterns properly and constantly in their everyday life.
And for that purpose you need neither oralmotor exercises nor any other
additional devices or tools like rubber tubes, spatulas, buttons, straws or elastics .

AHMA – how to breathe constantly through the nose
And when your patient is breathing throuth the mouth instead of the nose, then I do have a good solution for that too.

Poor breathing is the base for many issues in the field of speechpathology.
AHMA is my special treatment for a proper breathing trough the nose.
It shows how to teach your patients an efficient and long-lasting way to achieve a healthy breathing.

If you want to treat your patients efficiently than please contact me via mail (logopaedie@kraetsch.de) or just give me a call: 0045 42 34 26 49.

and as we say in Denmark:
med venlig hilsen

Petra Krätsch-Sievert